The Epic Gen Con 2018 Thread

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The Epic Gen Con 2018 Thread

Postby Mr_Praetorian » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:18 pm


Show Dates: Agust 2nd - August 5th

Attendance Pre-Registration: TBD (likely Jan/Feb 2018)

Attendance Pre-Registration Cost: TBD ($90 for a four-day pass in 2017)

Event Registration: TBD (likely May 2018)

Room Cost: TBD (2017 was $515/person for those of us in double rooms)

Estimated Trip Cost (based on 2017 numbers): $90 (bage) + $515 (room) + $200 (food) + $150 (swag) = ~$1005

Likely Itinerary:
:!: Converge at designated departure zone(s) two days before the Convention.
:!: Spend the entire next day driving to Indy.
:!: CON! CON! CON!
:!: Depart Sunday*
:!: Resume boring, non-Gen Con, existence.

*Marty and I discussed the prospect of leaving on Monday morning instead of Sunday morning/afternoon. It would require an extra vacation day, but it would also mean we could do more events on Saturday (Saturday evening, in particular, is when a lot of cool events go down) and Sunday (and having our group dinner on Sunday evening would likely mean less of a crowd).

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