Crazy Build Testing

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Crazy Build Testing

Postby Mr_Praetorian » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:42 pm

Obviously, the first round of testing didn't go so well (we only had a few entrees). Same thing as last time (except the list has been reduced to 17, and you're only choosing 5 PCs): Form a party of 5 characters from the selections below, and, in about 1-3 sentences, tell me why you chose them (make it as simple or complex as you want). Also, this time 'round, pick out 1-3 you don't like, and tell me why.

The mission they are going on will be heavily combat oriented, but there may be some room for negotiation.

The PCs

The Tactican Mage (Votes: )
LN Male Human
Line 1: Generalist 5 [Pathfinder]/Duskblade 5/Ultimate Magus 10
Line 2: Warblade 5/Swiftblade 10/Jade Phoenix Mage 5
Notes: Yes, Shaped AMFs are an option; wield's relic longsword Brightstar.

Raging Blizzard (Votes: )
CN Half-Orc Male
Line 1: Barbarian [3.5] 9/Frost Savant 1/Ragemage 10
Line 2: Sorcerer [Divine Spirit] 5/Frostmage 5/Winterhaunt [Arcane Adapted] 10

Sacred Purifier (Votes: )
LG Aasimar Male
Line 1: Paladin 8 [Pathfinder, Holy Warrior]/War Weaver 5/Radiant Servant of Pelor 6/Hierophant 1
Line 2: Favored Soul 4/Sorcerer 4 [Divine Companion]/Mystic Theurge 10/Archmage 2

The Spellblade (Votes: )
LN Male Kalashtar
Line 1: Soul Knife 10/Spellsword [Unlimited Spellchannel] 10
Line 2: Sorcerer [Divine Companion 6/Swiftblade 10/Abjurant Champion 4

Battle Line Chanter (Votes: )
CG Human Male
Line 1: Bard 10/Warchanter 10
Line 2: Marshal (Martial) 20

The Learned Wanderer (Votes: )
LN Male Human
Monk [Pathfinder] 20
Archivist 10/Divine Oracle 10
Notes: Has Kung fu Genius (use Int instead of Wis for monk abilities) feat.

The Hellbreaker (Votes: )
CG Female Aasimar
Paladin of Freedom [Pathfinder, Holy Warrior] 10/Knight of the Chalice 10
Crusader 5/Holy Reaver 10/Knight Templar 5

The Fist of Justice (Vote: )
LG Goliath Male
Line 1: Monk [Pathfinder] 10/Pious Templar 10
Line 2*: Paladin [Pathfinder, Holy Warrior] 4/Fighter 6/Argent First 10
*Taken: Paladin 4/Fighter 1/Argent Fist 10/Fighter 5

Mage Inquisitor (Votes: )
LN Human Female
Line 1: Abjurer [Pathfinder, Alt Class Feature from CM] 3/Master Specialist 10/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7
Line 2: Archivist 9/Church Inquisitor 1/Divine Oracle 10

Master Metamagica (Votes: )
CG Spellscale Male
Line 1: Sorcerer [Divine Companion] 5/Ultimate Magus 10/Dracolexi 5
Line 2: Generalist [Pathfinder] 5/Incantatar 10/Archmage 5

The Wildcard (Votes: )
N Changeling Female
Line 1: Factotum 20
Line 2: Bard 10/Chameleon 10

The Forcemaster (Votes: )
LN Male Human
Line 1: Sorcerer [Divine Companion] 6/Force Missile Mage 5/Argent Savant 5/Abjurant Champion 4
Line 2: Fighter 10/Spellsword [Unlimited Spellchannel] 10

The Weapon (Votes: )
N Warforged
Line 1: Fighter [Pathfinder] 15/Warforged Juggernaut 5
Line 2: Warblade 20

14. The Psionicist (Votes: )
LN Human Male
Line 1: Psion 10/Psion Uncarnate 10
Line 2: Psychic Warrior 10/Metamind 10

Mind Arrow (Votes: )
N Female Human
Line 1: Soul Knife 10/Soul Bow 10
Line 2: Ranger [Martial] 20

Nature's Champion (Votes: )
CN Female Shifter
Line 1: Ranger [Pathfinder] 5/Weretouched Master 10/Warshaper 5
Line 2: Druidic Avenger 20

Holy Vessel (Votes: )
LG Warforged
Line 1: Paladin [Pathfinder, Holy Warrior] 20
Line 2: Fighter [Pathfinder] 5/Warforged Juggernaut 5/Pious Templar 10
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Re: Crazy Build Testing

Postby TheDude51 » Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:31 pm

The Team:

Tactician Mage, Spellblade: AMF Assault mages. Close into melee and let loose with Arcane Strike, Channel Spell, True Striking Power Attacks, and all the other goodness that comes with an assault mage.

Psionicist: Basically acts as a continuous blaster. Using metamind's capstone ability combined with the power that lets you extend an ongoing effect, he continually has infinite power points, and so blasts away every round. Uses a Superior Invisibility spell combined with Steadfast Perception to be able to see and attack enemies with long range powers from far outside their range of vision, keeping away from dangerous mage-killing foes. If forced into combat, he can put up a Shaped Anti-Psionic Field and manifest a fully-augmented Vigor every round to stay alive.

Mage Inquisitor: Counterspeller. His job is to completely shut down enemy spellcasting, dispel enemy buffs, and bring down their Antimagic Fields. Casts MDJ's into spell storing items for everyone else on the team so that enemy buffs can be disabled without sacrificing counterspelling actions.

Sacred Purifier: Support Caster and secondary melee combatant. Connects party via Eldritch Tapestry so that he can heal the whole group despite the AMFs. Uses a shaped AMF and DMM (Persist) to become a relatively powerful melee-er.
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