Resources Request Thread

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Resources Request Thread

Postby Zanaikin » Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:39 pm

...Sometimes you just have to present is like a video game for the players to do something...


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Don't take the numbers too literally, DMs don't function by rules defined in stone like game software does. But this is what you spend to request reinforcements. Command points represent how willing are your superiors to help you by sending you additional resources - in the form of commanders, troops, moneys. Oftentimes, some persuasiveness and petitioning may get what you need if you're just a few points short. You earn CPs by getting things done in an efficient and orderly manner that'll make your superiors happy and proud of you. You lose points by... there's a billion ways you could lose them, be it casualties taken to troops and/or commanders, failing objectives, or simply getting on the bad side of someone in personal relations. If you fall too deep into the negatives, chances are it'll be the end for their career for some character(s).
Sometimes the higher-ups will send you a unit and deduct CPs without you choosing.
Unit availability and CP costs will depend on circumstances and timing.

  • 1st Special Warmagi Company - The first special military company of the Imperium Legion. This unit was formed under the command of Centurion Aura, Arvitor Sylvianna Elinyredeth. As its name indicates, it's filled with mages, including two platoon of the finest Assault-Magi and multiple War-Magic Blaster-Magi squads. Although, its commander knows well that he's only an interim commander assigned, as he simply wasn't born an Arvitor. [CP:100]
  • 2nd Special Ravagers Company - The second special military company of the Imperium Legion. The Ravagers is specialized in close combat and EW stealth, as they operate special refurbished 'Golem Armor' powered-armor suits that are designed to mask electronic and thermal signatures. The Ravagers are also known for the fact they're all goblinoids, including its commander Marquis Thaask of Terrince. [CP:30]
  • 1st Combat Engineers Company - The favorite playtoy of the ILDAE (Imperium Legion Division of Advanced Engineering), the first combat engineers is a unit led directly by General Hikari Kuribayashi. This unit always comes with a local research facility to assist them, and they're armed to the teeth with top-of-the-line prototype equipment, some of them still classified. The most well-known of these is the General's prototype METAAC 'Uesugi', the testbed of Imperium Legion's nextgen of badass guns. But beware, the units' uniqueness makes it all the more valuable in the eyes of the Imperium's top brass, and there are few people who can ORDER Hikari to do something. [Rumors claim that Hikari is currently nagging high-command and the Emperor to come to Chroma, and frankly most people have trouble dealing with her][Current CP: 30]

  • Field Legion Brigade - The bread and butter of the Imperium Legion's planetary combat forces. Unfortunately, the number of Field Brigades that currently exist can be counted on two hands. [CP:70]
  • Shadow Legion Company - The military intelligence units of the Imperium Legion. They might be organized in companies, but they almost never operate like one, with its members usually spread out across entire territories in small units of less than a dozen. They're best for counter-intelligence, although infiltration and sabotage might be on their agenda if circumstances aren't overly complex. [CP: 25]
  • Marine Company - Infantry from the Star-Legion aren't that common, but that powered armor they wear can sure take a beating. Sadly, they generate far too much noise, heat, and electronic signature, not even mentioning their suits simply don't fit in spaces designed for normal-sized men. [CP: 25]
  • Star-Cruiser - Not available right now...
  • Assault-Cruiser - Not available right now...

  • Imperial Credits - 10 million more in funding is never bad now is it. [CP:1]
  • Field Base - Want another base with all the utilities assembled overnight? [CP:10]
  • ??? - On request.
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Re: Resources Request Thread

Postby Mr_Praetorian » Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:43 pm

I'm going to suggest that we get ourselves a Shadow Legion Company. We're about to begin what looking to be a long campaign to root out an enemy who specialty is espionage and stealth. At the very least, we'll need people to counter that. Plus, having some spare infiltrators around won't hurt.
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Re: Resources Request Thread

Postby Laharl » Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:56 pm

I agree, that's a very good idea.

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