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Game Description

Postby b1200k3 » Sat Jul 21, 2007 4:30 am

[EDIT: 7/1/08 version 2, because God hates me]

Rules: 4th edition

Starting Level: 1st. I don't know the mechanics well yet, and odds are the rest of you haven't really used them yet either. However, I will level you all as fast as possible, because honestly, low level encounters suck balls.

Character Generation Method: 28 point buy (22 is a lame number)

Allowed Classes/Races: Try to stick to the 4th edition core material. If you absolutely must pick from 3.5 stuff, please talk to me about it.

Resources I will be drawing from: I will also attempt to stick to 4th edition core, but if there is something more specific in the other books from 3.5 for descriptive purposes, I will not hesitate to use them. Rules will be 4th edition based, so I will try to adapt any 3.5 content I use. If I can't adapt some stuff, I'll house-rule it (aka make shit up). Major 3.5 borrows will be from the Draconomicon at the moment, I'll post others if I think of them. I will not use super-obscure books.

General description:
In the beginning, the world of Asterian was dominated by dragons: the first and most formidable of the Gods' creations. Their numbers dwindled as the land matured, new races arrived, and great kingdoms rose and fell. However, many of the civilized races recognized the benefits of allying themselves with the ancient dragons, providing the dragons with respect and space to survive in exchange for protection and wisdom. Each of the ten species of chromatic and metallic dragons co-evolved with different tribes in their respective habitats, some progressing to form highly advanced, sprawling nations, others remaining relatively primitive and localized.

Asterian is changing.

The power of the dragon dynasties is waning. Vicious creatures encroach upon civilizations. Humanoids cry out for autonomy. Evil festers in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike at the weak. Mysterious disappearances, strange reports, and insidious whispers gnaw at the morale of the populace. Will you weather the coming storm, or be swept away?

Other stuff you might want to know:

Starting Area: Mailas

Shadowfell: Treating it as a plane parallel to Asterian. Accessible at dawn and dusk through ley lines. Generally an unhospitable/dismal place; critters there don't like critters in the normal plane, generally.

Drow: Descended from the same ancestor as elves/eladrin. Elves were drawn to the woods, eladrin to arcane, drow to shadow. Drow have a strong hatred for the other two races, especially eladrin, but they tend to attack elves more often than eladrin because they deem them to be weaker. Yes, Drow in my world do have a matriarchal society, and men are essentially second class. Suck it (and rp it). Drow raid elven colonies in Nalasdul and Zamassaith and eladrin colonies in Amalas, Mailas, and Mynis. Amassaith, the birthplace of the three races, has been sealed off from the Shadowfell using arcane shields, protecting the heartland of elves and eladrin from attack. Humans and other shorter-lived races consider drow a myth, since they are only seen once every few generations.

Shadar-Kai: Originally humans who stumbled upon a passage to Shadowfell, the gloomy world of the Underdark only served to increase their apathy and fatalism, pale their skin, and make them strike out against other beings. They serve the Raven Queen and her prophets without hesitation, killing, conquering, and sacrificing in her name. The society works purely upon merit: if you do cool things, own cool stuff, then you're rad. And the Raven Queen thinks you're rad as long as you do the cool stuff for her. The Shadar-Kai have long since discovered the portals back into the world of light, but rather than rejoin the normal world, they raid human towns at night to reap souls for the Queen. As such, Shadar-Kai are often mis-identified as vampires or ghosts from their pale visages.

Humans: These are some subraces you can choose from Dave. I'm pissed they got deleted.

-Enirians: Inhabit Pelethas/Tinardia on the continent of Eniris (nowai). Woodland folk, enjoy elven company, ruddy complexion with red-->brown hair and brown or green eyes. Live in small villages of wooden houses, live off the land, few cities. Easy-going, pleasurable folk, somewhat reserved towards strangers, but still hospitable.

-Delianese: Live on the island of Delian. Carefree, pleasure-loving folk, like to party rather than work. Live mostly off of fishing/good seafarers. Tan--->Dark complexion, females have blonde hair, males have dark hair. Bright-colored eyes.

-Koehsel: Originated in Koehselin, moved to form the hybrid nation of Kethuain with their dwarven neighbors. Hardy folk, excellent craftsmen, fierce warriors. Light complexion, extremely dark hair/eyes. Enjoy drinking/roasted meats/roaring fires. Generally serious/focused, but enjoy storytelling/jokes while sipping ale.

-Midlanders: General name for humans of central Ka'aith in Besemar, Amalas, and Maihal. Amalas is the home of humans who have bonded with the eladrin and fallen in love with the arcane, the site of great magical academies and discoveries. Besemar is more focused on physical prowess, with military academies, tournaments, and great warriors. Both countries have all types of personalities and shapes and sizes however, ranging the spectrum of complexions (usually somewhere in the middle, however, never too light or too dark) and all hair/normal eye colors. Midlanders all share a common curiosity about the world and sense of adventure, but many fear the unknown and dare not leave the safety of the cities. Those who do conquer that fear become great warriors and treasure hunters. Midlanders are easily the most common and most diverse subrace, with smaller populations having their own unique twists.

If you don't like them, gimme more ideas.

So what the fuck is with these dragons and humanoids and... bur?

Ok, so each dragon race was initially paired up with a region/race. For simplicity, let's not assume all dragons were (or still are) originally evil or good and that there are some that inhabit each plane.

Material (I sometimes will refer to it as "Normal") Plane
Red: Live in the highest concentrations in the mountains of Sha'iat; very involved with politics there, seen as a source of strength and protection in spite of their relative tyranny.
Blue: Commonly in conflict with Brass dragons over the control of the desert regions in Zashaian and Xi'ri.
Green: Forests throughout the world, but most markedly in Zamassaith.
Black: rulers of swamps (but nobody really lives there, so they kinda chill). Common wherever there are green dragons.
White: Dominate small dwarven and human tribes in northern Thoruil, Koehselin, and Kethuain.
Gold: Their established residence is relatively unknown; the influence of gold dragons is felt throughout the good humanoid communities, however, when needed. Believed to be heavily involved in the ancestry of the Golden Blood line (explained later).
Silver: Rulers of the huge human civilization in Maihal, living in the mountains as well as cloud dens.
Copper: Dwell in the semi-inhabited arid zones between the deserts and mountains. Help to protect those they come across, but generally don't have significant influence.
Bronze: Guardians of island nations, the bronze dragons do not tolerate piracy or other acts of violence upon their shores.
Brass: See Blue description.

Basically, the big players here are Red/Silver in the scheme of things.

Deep: Dwell among the Drow
Shadow: Unknown relation to the Shadar-kai

Ethereal/Astral/Divine/Where The Gods Hang Out Plane

Extraneous Lore:

Golden Blood: Yeah, you might want to have a bit of knowledge of why the campaign is named this way, right? Anyway, the term refers to a lineage descended from a hero in the ancient days whose blood was the color of molten gold. He was said to wield extraordinary power and be great at whatever he tried due to his amazing physical qualities. In homage to his legend, his family has remained the ruling body of Mailas, though none in his line thus far have ever been proven to inherit the amazingly colored blood. Rumor has it that one of his descendants has recently been identified that has this extraordinary quality... The possessor of this trait is in high demand, and in terrible danger from enemies of mankind...

That's all I have energy for atm.


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