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Dolch Wittern Pliskin

Postby Zanaikin » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:36 pm

Dolch Wittern Pliskin

Character Information:
First Class: Rogue 11, Scout 4
Second Class: Swordsage 10, Citadel Elite 5
Alignment: Neutral

Strength 12 = 10+2enh
Dexterity 22 = 11+4 +1lvl +6enh
Constitution 18 = 11+3 +4enh
Intelligence 12 = 10+2
Wisdom 20 = 11+3 +2lvl +4enh
Charisma 10

Action Points: 12, d8s
HP: 15d8+60 (145 HP)
AC: 41 = 10 +5(Wis) +7armor +1armor/shield +6dex +1nat +4cover +2deflect +5insight
Special AC: +6 (Skirmish), +2 Dodge (40ft Movement), +2 Dodge (Trap Sense)
Touch: 32
Flatfoot: 29 (Uncanny Dodge)
Speed: 70ft
Initiative: +12 = 6dex +4cmpt +2feat
Immunity: Fear, Magic Missile

Fortitude: +19 = 4base +4con +5wis +1cmpt +2stance +3resist
Reflex: +24 = 11base +6dex +2stance +3resist +2cover
Will: +20 = 11base +4wis +2stance +3resist
*Improved Evasion
*+2 vs. Traps

Base Attack Bonus: +12/+7/+2

Weapon: Shortsword
Attack: +24 Melee = 12BAB +6dex +1focus +1enh +1quality +3martial
Acrobatic Strike: +4 Attack
Combat Sense: Ignore 5 Dexterity/Dodge AC
Damage: 1d6+9
Skirmish: +6d6+2
Sneak Attack: +8d6, 2 Strength Damage, Stagger 1 Round (Fort DC = damage)
Critical: 19-20/x2
Type: Piercing, Adamantine, Magic
Focused Smite (1/day): +5 Attack, +15 Damage
Skirmisher Boots (2/day): Extra Skirmish Attack

Weapon: Composite Shortbow
Attack: +18 Ranged = 11BAB +6dex +1enh
Damage: 1d6+2
Critical: x3
Range: 70ft Increment
Type: Piercing, Magic

Skill Points: (8class+2second+1int+1human)*(Level+3) +24
Maximum: Level + 3 = 18
Balance: +23 (6dex, 5ranks, 2syn, 10enh)
Bluff: +10 (0cha, 10ranks)
Climb: +10 (0str, 0ranks, 10enh)
Concentration: +22 (4con, 18ranks)
Diplomacy: +9 (0cha, 5ranks, 4syn, 2class)
Disable Device: +23 (1int, 18ranks, 4mct)
Escape Artist: +16 (6dex, 10ranks)
Gather Information: +9 (0cha, 5ranks, 2syn, 2class)
Hide: +34 (6dex, 18ranks, 10enh)
Jump: +33 (0str, 5ranks, 2syn, 16speed, 10enh)
Knowledge[Local]: +6 (1int, 5ranks)
Listen: +23 (5wis, 18ranks), +5 Stance
Move Silently: +24 (6dex, 18ranks)
Open Lock: +23 (1int, 18ranks, 4mct)
Search: +21 (1int, 18ranks, 2class)
Sense Motive: +12 (5wis, 5ranks, 2class)
Sleight of Hand: +13 (6dex, 5ranks, 2syn)
Spot: +28 (5wis, 18ranks, 5enh)
Survival: +15 (5wis, 10ranks)
Tumble: +36 (6dex, 18ranks, 2syn, 10enh)

SKILL TRICKS (10 skill points):
Acrobatic Backstab
Clever Improviser
Easy Escape
Nimble Charge
Spot the Weak Point

All Simple Weapons
All Martial Weapons
Light Armor
All Shields (except Tower Shields)

+1 Shadow-Hand Adamantine Mct[+1] Shortsword (2lbs, 12,210gps)
+1 Adaptive Composite Shortbow [Sniper’s Shot 3/day] (2lbs, 8,155gps)
MG Uniform – Explorer’s Outfit [Camouflage, Endure Elements] (8lbs, 4,008gps)
+2 Mithril Mct [+1] Chained Shirt [Protection +2] (12.5lbs, 13,700gps)
Mwk Dueling Cloak [Resistance +3] (3lbs, 4,165gps)
Mwk Dagger (1lb, 302gps) – Hidden
Periapt of Wisdom +4 (16,000gps)
Vestment of Health +4 [Natural AC +1] (18,000gps)
Belt of Strength +2 (4,000gps)
Gloves of Dexterity +6 (36,000gps)
Shield Ring of Sustenance (6,500gps)
Skirmisher Boots [Expeditious Retreat, Pass w/o Trace, Surefoot] (12,200gps)
Mwk Potion Belt (60gps)
Mct +4 Thieve’s Tools (500gps)
Small Steel Mirror (0.5lbs, 10gps)

Arrows x20 (3lbs)
Signal Arrow x2 (0.3lb)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5) x8
Potion of Resist Energy (20) x2
Potion of Lesser Restoration x2
Potion of Protection from Arrows x2
Potion of Invisibility x2
Potion of Hide from Undead
Potion of Water Walk
Potion of Heal
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Revivify
Vial of Fog Cloud x3


Free: Heroic Spirit
Free: Action Boost
Human: Weapon Finesse
HD1: Quick Draw
HD2: Expeditious Dodge
HD4: Mobility
HD6: Spring Attack
HD8: Adaptive Style
HD10: Swift Ambusher
HD12: Improved Skirmish
HD14: Staggering Strike

Sneak Attack +6d6
Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense +2
Disruptive Attack
Crippling Strike

Skirmish (+4d6, +4 AC)
Battle Fortitude +1
Fast Movement +10ft
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Trackless Step
Sct1: Track
Sct4: Quick Reconnoiter

Quick to Act +3
Discipline Focus (Weapon Focus [Shadow Hand])
Discipline Focus (Insightful Strike [Diamond Mind])
Discipline Focus (Defensive Stance [Shadow Hand])
AC Bonus
Sense Magic
Improved Evasion

Citadel Training (+2 Diplomacy, Gather Info, Search, Sense Motive)
Additional Action Points (+1)
Combat Sense (Defense, Attack, +5)
Diplomatic Protection
Royal Contact
Disciplined Mind
Focused Smite
Cde2: Shadow Blade
Cde4: Gloom Razor

Initiator Level: 12
Maneuvers Known (15):
Desert Wind: Desert Tempest, Distracting Ember, Leaping Flame
Diamond Mind: Emerald Razor, Mind over Body, Moment of Alacrity
Shadow Hand: Bloodletting Strike, Cloak of Deception, Shadow Blade Technique, Shadow Garrote, Shadow Stride, Shadow Jaunt
White Raven: Douse the Flames, Order Forged from Chaos, White Raven Tactics
Maneuvers Readied (8):
Desert Tempest
Cloak of Deception
Emerald Razor
Mind over Body
Moment of Alacrity
White Raven Tactics x 2
Stances Known (4):
Assassin’s Stance®
Child of Shadow
Flame’s Blessing
Hearing the Air

Best used when attacking single targets or taking down opponents near the outskirts of the battle (concentrated foes making his attack-on-move harder), while his precise strikes will quickly pierce the enemy’s vitals and dispatch them (+13d6 sneak & skirmish with Assassin’s Stance and Improved Skirmish).

2. Uses spring attack to flank & attack while on the move (dealing both skirmish & sneak attack damage), moving 20ft+ before and after the attack to maximize defense and damage potential (Expeditious Dodge & Improved Skirmish) while tumbling past opponents to increase accuracy (Acrobatic Strike).
3. Dolch will often activate Acrobatic Backstab/Cloak of Deception to assist in flatfoot the enemy, and follows up the first attack with Gloom Razor on subsequent rounds to keep the target flatfooted.
4. When dealing with hard to hit opponents, Dolch will often use Acrobatic Backstab/Cloak of Deception, Emerald Razor/Spot the Weak Point, and/or Focus Smite with Disruptive Attack to assist his comrades.
5. Will often use Cloak of Deception to hide himself while using Adaptive Style to switch his maneuvers to match the situation at hand (more Zephyr Dance for defensive attacking, Cloak of Deception for keeping up constant stealth, etc).
6. Utilizes Moment of Alacrity and White Raven Tactics to bring up initiative and reduce delay between actions of both himself and allies.

Dolch grew up in the Purple Citadel. His parents were Archeronian soldiers who were killed during Civil Wars, forcing Dolch onto the streets after his uncle kicked him out. He joined a gang and stole for a living, eventually finding his niche as an information dealer to the underworld. After about two years of this life, when Dolch was in his mid-twenties, he was arrested for selling state secrets. Naturally, he was convicted and sent to the gibbet. Once he finished his last meal, a visitor arrived, offering a bargain: Live, and serve his country as a spy under a different name, or, well, the gibbet was still there. Naturally, he accepted.
His training was brutal, forcing him to become tougher physically and mentally, and teaching him advanced combat techniques, many of which involved teleportation and leaping through shadows to arrive daggers first. His early missions tended to be infiltration-oriented, though he was sent (everyone else was away) on a solo mission to take down a group of Northend necromancers that had seized a critical Archeron weapons facility. His overwhelming success at this mission led to a transfer to a special forces unit, where he could act as an on-the-spot analyst, scout, and fighter all at the same time. His unit, the Beshadowed Blades, operated behind enemy lines for much of Archeron's ill-fated struggle to resist Northend, wreaking havoc wherever they went.
After Archeron's fall, the Blades continued to operate for a time, following the enemy front lines into Misalin, eventually running out of places to hide. After Misalin broke the siege at the capital, and threw the Northend forces out of the country, Dolch, after much consideration with the rest of the unit, took them to Winchester and received help from Deoneir, in return for accomplishing some missions for the Eyes of Misalin. The Blades' third mission for Kilar was to scout out Blackbog Keep for the upcoming strike. The reconnaissance was extremely difficult, costing four Blades their lives, but the remaining members got out alive. They were also tasked to lead the first elements of the force that actually assaulted the interior of the keep, as they were the most familiar with its layout. Since the attack, Dolch remains in Winchester, currently without an assignment, or much of a unit after the losses in the two trips to Blackbog Keep. Of its original twelve members, only three had survived the constant fighting behind enemy lines for all those months and the mission to the keep.

Dolch is curt and focused on the mission at all times. He does share in the not-so-quiet confidence of most special ops soldiers. As far as he is concerned, if someone is on the mission, they should be acting like experienced soldiers, regardless of whether or not they are. He is fiercely loyal to his comrades, but the mission has absolute priority. Outside of a mission, he is quiet, preferring a good drink to remember or forget, depending on his mood, to wasting his time with endless prattle and debriefings.

Dolch wears a gray, unmarked, leather combat suit. He has brown hair and eyes, and scars crisscrossing his face. His body language is of one wearied with the constant fighting, but one who will go out and fight again if called upon. He moves with an almost preternatural grace and speed, often leaping into and out of the shadows to hasten his movement and prevent detection.
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Postby Zanaikin » Sun May 20, 2007 5:50 pm

leveled up dolch, some new things:
Crippling Strike [rogue special ability]
Moment of Alacrity [martial boost]
Staggering Strike [feat]


"Hurrah, Warsaw's ours!" / "Hurrah, Field Marshal!" - Battle report & promotion notice between Alexander Suvorov & Catherine the Great

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