Allspeaker / Green Eyed Tiger

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Allspeaker / Green Eyed Tiger

Postby Sajuuk » Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:32 am

Name: Matthew Eldridge
Aliases: Allspeaker / Green Eyed Tiger
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Age: 28
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: Tan (white as Green Eyed Tiger / Zhou Chou)
Description: There are two faces to Lieutenant Matthew Eldridge, Retired, plus a host of other identities he has assumed as needed.
One is the ex-military NAN citizen from the PCC, living in a small apartment on Council Island. He spends his days teaching history at the school on Council Island, and spends his evenings either at home studying military history, dining at the Friendship Restaurant on the island, or at Matchstick's - a classy upscale members-only jazz club in Downtown which is a throwback to the jazz joints of the 1930s. A regular patron at Matchsticks, Matthew is also an aspiring jazz saxophonist and plays at the club when the opportunity arises. Matthew's matrix handle is Allspeaker. Matthew prefers to wear high-class Mortimer of London suits, preferably of the Berwick line.
The other face is currently an elf named Zhou Chou, alias Green Eyed Tiger, a UCAS citizen descended from Chinese immigrants. Through his adept abilities and disguise skills, Matthew disguises himself as Zhou when he wishes to go under the radar, or to do a run. Zhou is an outspoken critic of Horizon, specifically of their research on paracritters and technomancers. Zhou is a regular at Basil's Faulty Bar in Tacoma, where he keeps his ears open for new jobs and information, particularly dirt on Horizon or jobs that could harm Horizon. The Zhou persona dresses more like a traditional shadowrunner, long armored jacket, discreet additional armor, and occasionally a custom-made ballistic mask painted to resemble a green-eyed tiger.

Background: As an elf born to human parents in the PCC, Matthew was an odd one out in his family right from the start. It didn't get any better when his talents as an adept surfaced, much to the disappointment of his Horizon wagemage shaman parents. Disputes between him and the rest of his family drove a wedge between them in his early years, and he was shipped off to a military academy at the first opportunity. Groomed for a career as a linguist with the NAN military, Matthew used his adept abilities to augment his linguistic talent, before deploying to serve with the NAN Army. Serving a tour of duty along the border with Tir, he honed his Sperethiel and negotiation abilities defusing tense moments between the border patrols of the NAN and Tir. While this meant he kept his squad safe, it also didn't earn him any brownie points with the higher-ups, who saw his actions as caving in to Tir aggression. When he was told his second tour of duty would be teaching languages at the Academy in Colorado Springs, he decided it was time to retire.
Moving to the Seattle metroplex, he got himself a job teaching history to the small population of students on Council Island. Used to living in sparse conditions, he opted to get a small apartment on the island instead of living in Seattle-proper, which was one advantage of still having his NAN SIN. He used the excess funds to work on embedding himself in Seattle's social scene, but found himself sticking to just a few places once he got acquainted with them. Friendship Restaurant doesn't literally have 'the taste of home' for the PCC native who hasn't been home in a decade, but the Salish cuisine is certainly enjoyable. His membership to the jazz club Matchstick's is certainly a luxury, costing him 200¥ a month, but the network of contacts it has brought him has made his life far more interesting.
After budget cuts decreased the amount of hours he was working, Matthew had made an offhand grumbling remark to one of his confidants at Matchstick's, who he had forgotten was the famed Jonathan Blake. Blake had just acted as an intermediary for a Johnson setting up a run against Horizon, and the group needed someone to talk their way into a Horizon facility. Snatching at an opportunity to 'stick it to his parents,' in a sense, Matthew took the job and used his experience with Horizon corporate culture (having grown up in it) to make the run go off with minimal problems. His Zhou persona was developed for this job, and he's stuck with it for most of his work as a runner. He's done other for-hire work for groups as needed, mostly brought to him by Blake, but occasionally from Abe Heep, the owner of a bar catering to runners. Recently he did a job gratis for the CEO of Microdeck Industries, who is another patron at Matchstick's, which has left Mr Gates holding him in high regard.
Of his contacts, the only ones who are aware of his dual identity are Brian Gates and Jonathan Blake.
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